I'm holding a Red-tailed Hawk
I'm holding a Red-tailed Hawk

I have loved birds since I was a little child. As a kid, I would spend my days skimming through field guides, and dream of seeing many of these beautiful birds. While attending Northland College  (Ashland, WI) for my natural resources degree, I created a bird club, and teacher-assisted ornithology several times too. After graduating, I taught field ornithology at Northland College for several years.

My field experiences (what I call, my bird jobs) have led me through many of the northern states of the lower 48; and experiencing the beautiful elements of nature while studying the birds both near and up-close, has created a love for nature that I never thought existed.

While on the job with bird jobs, I have hiked through the prairie potholes of North Dakota & South Dakota, while performing breeding bird transects under wind farms. While working in western Oregon, I conducted cavity-nesting surveys throughout the mountains and valleys of this beautiful state. Earlier on, I conducted breeding bird surveys through northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota; 
bushwhacking throughout the beautiful northwoods. One of the most amazing aspects of conducting breeding bird surveys and avian field studies, is that you get to make the most of each day; seeing a sunrise shoot out from a dark sky, and witnessing first-hand the stunning bird life that exists!

Throughout the past six fall seasons, I have educated visiting birdwatchers as the count interpreter at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, MN. Some people referred to me as the hawk-pointer-outer-guy. I offer presentations on bird ecology, bird photography, and bird identification (specifically bird ID Powerpoint workshops in gull ID, raptor ID, warbler ID and shorebird ID). Throughout the fall and winter
 seasons, I offer weekly bird hikes through the Duluth Audubon Society, and am a board member of this Audubon society. I offer nature photography as well, and have had photos published in various magazines, as well as my writings (Birdwatching magazine, Birders Guide by American Birding Association). I have led field trips and spoken at The Biggest Week in American Birding festival (Ohio), Detroit Lakes Birding Festival (Minnesota), Horicon Marsh Birding Festival (Wisconsin) and Potholes and Prairies Birding Festival (North Dakota).


My love for birds drives me to teach people about these beautiful animals. Whether you're a die-hard birder that travels the world in hopes of cranking up your life list, an avid birder just interested in seeing birds all-round, a beginning birdwatcher looking to learn a great deal about birds, or someone that has never used a pair of binocluars as of yet; Naturally Avian has just what you're looking for. Naturally Avian has catered to birders originating from 33 states and 4 European countries.


I am very excited to show you a thrilling and memorable birding experience. Thank you for visiting my website!


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