Weekly photography workshops are coming soon, and will be available year-round throughout the northwoods.

With my personal photography as well as my photography workshops, I feel strongly about capturing the birds in-the-moment, without the use of any baiting or auditory luring; and most importantly, without stressing the birds.

My photography workshops cover a variety of topics, from how cameras work, to better understanding the camera settings; and from learning about birds & other animals' behaviors and movements, to learning the subtleties of making each photo special in its own way. There is no such thing as a perfect photograph, but through deeper understanding of how the cameras work and "reading" what is being seen through the camera, my goal is to help you take the most memorable pictures possible... regardless of your camera setup! Stay tuned!

Bald Eagle, either with a scratch on the chin, or thinking about how cool Naturally Avian photography workshops are!
Bald Eagle

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