• My rate is $175 per day for a single person, and $50 per additional person after the first person.

I have a fuel-efficient Pontiac Vibe that can be used for the day. Standard mileage rates apply. Let me know if you're in need of lodging and dining recommendations during your visit here. I want to make your visit as pleasant, exciting and memorable as possible!

All of my birding tours so far (photos below) have been upon-request of the visitor. A birding tour might be just the thing for your personal time in the northwoods, or maybe as a fun & unique gift for a family or group of friends during the holidays. Any customized birding tour requested locally can take you through black spruce & tamarack bogs, to expansive cliffs & smooth shorelines of Lake Superior; and from wetlands and mixed grasslands just a short drive away, to a blend of thick woodlands throughout the nearby Superior & Chippewa National Forests.



**Originally I was creating a birding tour which covered the Northern edges of Minnesota and meandered throughout the birding hotspots of central North Dakota (but had not completed the final logistical details). I recently jumped-aboard Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours, and will be co-leading a birding trip that starts and ends in Duluth, while covering a wide host of amazing prairie pothole hotspots in-between. More information can be found in the link below. It would exciting to have you aboard!

A few target birds that have been seen on Naturally Avian Birding Tours

Some bird species in this gallery are very rare, where others may seem quite common. I really enjoy making each and every birding trip that I lead, a customized adventure that hits the spot for the participants. Naturally Avian has led birding ventures for peple coming from 40 states and 4 European countries.

Fun birding trip moments with participants

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