Rates and Daily Details


  • Daily rates are $300 for the first person, $175 per each additional person
  • The majority of the trips I lead up to the Bog are with the participant's vehicles, with me as a driver. I enjoy being the driver while guiding. If we use my vehicle, I asked for mileage reimbursement from the driven during our time birding together.
  • The participants will cover the guide's meal if restaurant dining takes place throughout the day of birding.

*10% of gross from this winter's trips will be donated to the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog non-profit*



All of my birding tours are upon request. When the tours date(s) are established, I will recommend lodging and dining options to fit your needs. I feel strongly about supporting local businesses and appreciating the beauty that makes northern Minnesota special. What kind of birds are you looking to see? Are there select lifers that you have in mind? Were you hoping to have more of a photography-based tour? My goal is to make each and every Naturally Avian birding tour a special and memorable experience for all participants. I'm all about soaking up the sense of place within the environments we explore. Our days of birding together are all about you having fun and seeing wonderful birds at an enjoyable pace, never being rushed! 

In 2014 I began leading birding tours for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT). This link below contains the VENT tours I will be leading in the future.
Vent (ventbird.com)


If you're interested in a winter birding tour in northern Minnesota, be sure to check out the article I wrote for the American Birding Association (link below). Starting on page 36, you'll find an array of tips and advice on how to stay warm while birding, even during the coldest of days!


A Few Moments from Naturally Avian Tours

Some bird species in this gallery are quite locally rare, where others may seem quite common.  Naturally Avian has led birding ventures for people coming from 41 states and 4 European countries.

Fun birding trip moments with participants

Naturally Avian gift certificates are available!

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